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Unparalleled Experience And A Tradition Of Winning Appeals

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Unparalleled Experience And A Tradition Of Winning Appeals

Professional Disciplinary Proceedings

You have dedicated years of your life to pursuing and practicing law. If a disciplinary board seeks to suspend or revoke your license, or otherwise take disciplinary action, Mischel & Horn, P.C., can strongly advocate on your behalf and protect your professional integrity and future career.

We offer experienced representation in New York and New Jersey disciplinary proceedings. Mischel & Horn, P.C., assists lawyers facing complaints and possible disciplinary action, including public censure, suspension and disbarment. To schedule a free case consultation with our accomplished legal team, call our New York office at (212) 425-5191.

Rely On Over 25 Years Of Experience

Attorney Richard Mischel has over 25 years of experience representing attorneys in disciplinary matters. He also represents applicants seeking admission to practice law in New York and New Jersey or reinstatement to the Bar after disbarment or suspension.

Mr. Mischel assists attorneys who want to avoid the imposition of discipline, and he files reinstatement petitions for attorneys who have been suspended or disbarred. Additionally, he appears on behalf of attorneys seeking reinstatement before disciplinary or grievance committees, committees on character and fitness and the appellate courts.

Disciplinary proceedings are highly structured and greatly differ from typical case procedure. If you face disciplinary measures, you should partner with a law firm experienced in this type of action to provide the best chances of success. We understand your anxiety at the prospect of losing your career. Our firm will do everything possible to develop a strong case on your behalf to protect your ability to practice law.

Client Testimonial

I feel very fortunate and grateful to have been represented by Richard Mischel of Mischel & Horn. His knowledge and experience in litigating similar matters was clear from the outset and he gave me a sense of confidence that I needed to win the petition.

Richard was very diligent in his preparation at all stages of the matter and from the first meeting until the last his representation was exceptional. He was approachable, easy to talk to and always well informed about the progress of the case.

Richard and his firm fight for you as if they are fighting for themselves, and for that I will always be grateful. It is not just his command of the law and his ability to present the best possible case, but also his compassion and emotional support that made me a better client. I will always be indebted for his genuine compassion and sincerity that he displayed from the very beginning till the very end of the case.

Thank you, Richard and his entire team.

Pre-Disciplinary Charge Counsel

When legal professionals are criminally charged, attorney Mischel advises trial counsel on criminal dispositions to avoid future disciplinary charges that could result in disbarment. Thoughtful disposition strategies during a criminal case often result in favorable reinstatement petitions.

You have the best chance of avoiding sanctions or license revocation if you work with our firm from the very start of your concern. This allows our legal team to proactively address issues before they take hold.

Reinstatement Following Disbarment

Attorney Mischel has successfully represented many suspended and disbarred attorneys seeking reinstatement to the Bar. In some cases, we successfully reinstate individuals that the court has previously denied. In one instance, our client had already been denied five times before we successfully secured reinstatement.

Matter Of Rothman – October 21, 2015

Our firm successfully won a motion to reinstate Gary J. Rothman to the Bar in 2015. Mr. Rothman was admitted to the Bar in 1973 and disbarred in 1984 upon a felony conviction. His conviction was reversed, and he then pled guilty to a class A misdemeanor.

The Appellate Division, Second Department suspended Rothman from practicing law for five years. He was reinstated in 1991. However, Mr. Rothman pled guilty to another, unrelated class A misdemeanor in 2000 and resigned from the Bar in 2001.

Represented by other counsel, Mr. Rothman’s first reinstatement motion was denied in June 2009. We successfully had Mr. Rothman reinstated by the Appellate Division, Second Department in October 2015.

Matter Of Scher – August 27, 2014

We successfully won reinstatement for attorney Scher in 2014. Ms. Scher was admitted to the Bar in 1992 and disbarred in 2002 after a felony conviction for perjury. Ms. Scher was represented by other counsel in her first hearing before the committee on character and fitness, and the committee did not recommended reinstatement.

After Ms. Scher retained our services, we were able to disaffirm the committee’s recommendation in the Appellate Division, Second Department. Ms. Scher was reinstated to the Bar in August 2014.

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