Legal Services
Specific InjuryCase CitePlaintiff AgeDamage AwardAmount ReviewedAmount Held
Lead poisoning leading to attention deficit hyperactivity disorderDavis v. City of New York, 264 A.D.2d 379 (2d Dept. 1999)infant*Past Pain and Suffering$450,000$125,000
*Future Pain and Suffering$550,000$150,000
Lead poisoning; hyperactivity and learning problemsHiraldo v. Khan, 267 A.D.2d 205 (2d Dept. 1999)3*Past Pain and Suffering$250,000$100,000
*Future Pain and Suffering$750,000$400,000
*Past Loss of Services(Mother)$150,000$50,000
*Future Loss of Services(Mother)$150,000$50,000