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Mischel & Horn, P.C., offers experienced and skillful representation in disciplinary proceedings in New York and New Jersey for attorneys facing complaints and the possible imposition of discipline including public censure, suspension or disbarment. Attorney Richard E. Mischel has 25 years of experience representing attorneys in disciplinary matters. He also represents applicants seeking admission to practice in New York and New Jersey or reinstatement to the Bar after disbarment or a period of suspension.

To schedule a consultation with Mr. Mischel, contact Mischel & Horn through this Web site or by phone. Mr. Mischel appears in disciplinary proceedings on behalf of attorneys who are seeking to avoid the imposition of discipline, files reinstatement petitions for attorneys who have been suspended or disbarred, and appears on behalf of attorneys seeking reinstatement before disciplinary or grievance committees, committees on character and fitness, and the appellate courts.

Pre-Disciplinary Charge Counsel

When legal professionals are criminally charged, attorney Richard E. Mischel advises trial counsel regarding criminal dispositions to avoid later disciplinary charges that could result in disbarment. In addition, strategies employed in reaching a disposition in a criminal case can often yield favorable results when reinstatement petitions are filed.

Reinstatement Following Disbarment

Attorney Richard E. Mischel has successfully represented suspended and disbarred attorneys seeking reinstatement to the Bar in New York and New Jersey. In some cases, the applicants for reinstatement, either representing themselves or represented by other counsel, had been denied reinstatement by the Court in one instance five times and in another three times.

To schedule a consultation to discuss strategies for reinstatement or any other aspect of professional disciplinary proceeding representation, contact New York appeals law firm Mischel & Horn, P.C..