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Specific InjuryCase CitePlaintiff AgeDamage AwardAmount ReviewedAmount Held
Fractured wristAlmada v. Long Island Lighting Co., 246 A.D.2d 563 (2d Dept. 1998)37*Past Pain and Suffering$50,000$30,000
*Future Pain and Suffering$150,000$60,000
Fractured wrist, failure to treat carpal tunnel syndromeJulien v. Physician's Hospital, 231 A.D.2d 678 (2d Dept. 1996)74*Past Pain and Suffering$300,000$150,000
*Future Pain and Suffering$100,000$75,000
Fractured wristTorres v. City of New York, 235 A.D.2d 416 (2d Dept. 1997)13*Past Pain and Suffering$80,000$25,000
*Future Pain and Suffering$180,000$50,000